Tips for a romantic and comfortable day with our Valentine’s lingerie.

At LingaDore, we eagerly anticipate Valentine’s Day each year. It is the moment in the year when we celebrate love, and what is better than doing so with the perfect Valentine’s lingerie? In this blog, we share practical tips so you can effortlessly find the lingerie that suits you.

At LingaDore, we understand that the right choice is not only about style but also about comfort and personal taste. Let’s find the perfect Valentine’s lingerie for you together.

The right fit

At LingaDore, we believe in comfort, even when it comes to sexy lingerie. It is super important that you choose the right size. To achieve a perfect fit, enhancing your confidence. This ensures that you not only shine in your lingerie but also feel comfortable, because that is just as important.

We have developed a super handy lingerie calculator. Simply measure your bust width with a tape measure and then enter it into the calculator. Within one second, you will discover your perfect LingaDore size.

Stylish choices

From sensual lace to timeless satin, find the style that suits your personality. The choice between lace lingerie and satin depends on the atmosphere you want to create. Lace lingerie adds a subtle playfulness and is perfect for a relaxed evening at home or a casual, romantic moment. It is the ideal choice if you want a touch of seduction with a hint of mystery. On the other hand, satin exudes timeless elegance. The smooth and shiny material feels luxurious on the skin, making it ideal for special occasions such as a romantic weekend getaway or a special day. In short, whether it’s lace or satin, the choice simply depends on the desired feeling and the occasion.

Colours of love

Red is classic, but there are also other colours that speak the language of love. Here are some colours often associated with love.

Red: Red is the classic colour of love and passion. It symbolizes desire and romance. Wearing red lingerie can be a powerful statement for loving and passionate moments.
Black: Black exudes elegance and mystery. It can add a sense of seduction and sensuality. Black lingerie is perfect for moments when you want to add a touch of drama to romance.
White: White represents purity and innocence, but it can also express a sense of tenderness and serenity. White lingerie is suitable for more subdued and intimate moments.
Pink: Pink is the color of love and tenderness. It radiates a soft and romantic atmosphere. Light pink can add a playful touch, while darker pink can convey more passion.

Personal preferences play a crucial role in choosing the colour of lingerie. Most importantly, the colour should match the mood you want to create, and you should feel confident and comfortable in it.

Choose the perfect bra for an unforgettable evening

When choosing a bra for Valentine’s Day, it’s not just about romance but also about the right style for the occasion.

A bralette offers a relaxed and effortless look, perfect for a cozy evening at home. If you’re looking for some extra flair and lift, a push-up bra is an excellent choice, ideal for a special date. If comfort is a priority, a bra with no wire is a favourite, while a moulded bra provides a streamlined and confident look.
Regardless of the style, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and radiate confidence during this loving occasion.

Accessories for the finishing touch

Elevate your look with the right accessories. Discover how subtle details like a suspender belt and a bra chain can make a difference. At LingaDore, we believe it’s the little things that make the biggest impact.

So, no matter which style you choose, shine bright on Valentine’s Day.
Comfort and confidence are the keys to an unforgettable evening. Enjoy the love, enjoy the lingerie, and above all, enjoy the moment.

Discover the magic of lingerie:
All about sister sizes

Buying lingerie can sometimes be challenging, especially when it comes to finding the perfect fit. We’re often used to focusing on one specific bra size, but did you know there’s a nifty trick to having more options without sacrificing comfort? Get acquainted with the concept of “sister sizes”. This smart approach can help you find the ideal bra, even if your usual size isn’t available.

What are sister mates?

The idea behind sister sizes is simple but effective. A sister size is a bra size with a different cup letter, but the same volume as your usual size. This means that if you want to find the perfect fit for your breast volume, you can play with different bra sizes that are sister sizes.

How do sister sizes work?

Let’s say you normally wear a bra size 70E. In this case, you can also consider trying the sister sizes 65F and 75D. Why? Because the cup size indicates how much difference there is between your upper and lower size. By exploring sister sizes, you can find a bra that’s just as comfortable, but might better fit your body type or the style of your outfit.

When are sister sizes useful?

These sizes are especially useful in different situations:

Unavailable sizes: Sometimes your usual size is not available in the bra you want. In that case, you can try a sister size that is available.

Big breasts: If you have large breasts, wearing a smaller sister size in circumference can help provide more support. For example, if you’re wearing size 80G, you might consider 75H for extra support.

Comfort versus style: Sometimes you may want a certain style of bra, but your usual size is not comfortable. This is where sister sizes can come in handy to find the perfect balance between style and comfort.

Always pay attention to your circumference

One thing to keep in mind when experimenting is the circumference of the bra. If you’re trying a sister size, you may need to tighten or loosen the hooks on the back to achieve the right fit.

In short, sister sizes are a smart way to get more flexibility in finding the perfect bra. Remember, it’s all about maintaining the same breast volume while adjusting the fit to your needs and preferences. So, the next time you go lingerie hunting, know that there are more options than you think, and sister sizes can be your secret weapon for the ideal fit and comfort.

Discover the new autumn/winter Lingerie collection from LingaDore

The leaves will soon begin to fall again – it is then clear that autumn is in the air. And what better way to warm yourself up and pamper yourself than with lingaDore’s enchanting new autumn/winter lingerie collection? This collection embodies the perfect combination of comfort, elegance and seduction, and can now be admired on

Enchanting colours

This season is all about warm and rich colors that stimulate your senses. From deep burgundy hues that awaken the passion, to dark emerald green reminiscent of dreamy forests – lingadore’s new collection has it all. These colors embrace the autumnal atmosphere and bring a touch of mystery and sophistication to your wardrobe.

Luxurious fabrics

LingaDore’s autumn/winter collection is known for its use of luxurious fabrics that caress your skin. From silky satin to delicate lace, each creation has been carefully designed to give you a sense of opulence and comfort. Let yourself be embraced by the gentle embrace of these fabrics as you prepare for cozy evenings by the fireplace.

Versatile styles

Whether you’re looking for a romantic balcony bra, a sensual bralette, or a classic push-up bra, LingaDore’s fall/winter collection offers a wide range of styles to suit every preference and body type. Combine your favorite bra with matching panties, thongs or hipsters for a complete and irresistible look.

Seduction in detail

It’s the little details that make the difference, and LingaDore understands this better than anyone. From sophisticated embroidery to delicate bows and playful cutouts, every bra and briefs in this collection is infused with seductive details that will boost your confidence and leave your partner speechless.

Celebrate femininity

LingaDore’s new autumn lingerie collection celebrates the power and beauty of femininity. It is not just an assortment of lingerie, but an ode to self-expression, sensuality and self-love. So what are you waiting for? Discover the beautiful collection waiting to embrace you.

In short, if you are looking for lingerie that captures the essence of autumn/winter – warm, enchanting and luxurious – LingaDore has exactly what you need. This collection invites you to pamper yourself and embrace your inner beauty, all while being enveloped in the ultimate comfort and style. Don’t wait any longer and immerse yourself in the opulence of lingaDore’s new autumn/winter lingerie collection!

Discover the collection

Choosing the right bridal lingerie

On your big day, as a bride, you naturally want to look your most beautiful. This not only involves choosing the perfect wedding dress but also selecting the right bridal lingerie. We are here to assist you in making the right choices.

Choosing the right lingerie is essential to ensure the wedding dress fits perfectly and to keep you comfortable throughout the entire day.
In this blog, we will also delve deeper into the importance of bridal lingerie and provide insights into what you need to know when selecting the right lingerie for your wedding. Indeed, there are several things that are extremely important in this regard!

Comfort is key
On the wedding day, you wear the same lingerie throughout the entire day, which is why it’s important to choose lingerie that is comfortable. After all, you don’t want to spend all day adjusting your lingerie or feeling pinching straps or underwires. Therefore, look for good quality lingerie with a perfect fit.

The right style
There are several styles of bridal lingerie to choose from, such as a bra, bralette, slip and garter belt. It is important to consider which style will best suit your wedding dress. For example, if you have a dress with a low back, then a bra with a low-cut back or a bustier with a low back is ideal. In turn, a suspender belt can be a good choice with a dress with a slightly shorter length.

Color and material
Bridal lingerie comes in different colors, such as or white, ivory and nude. In doing so, look at what color best suits your wedding dress. It is also important to pay attention to the material of the lingerie. Choose a fabric that breathes well and does not irritate. Also make sure the lingerie does not show through under the wedding dress.

Complete your bridal look with matching accessories. These accessories can make the wedding dress and bridal lingerie shine even more.
All in all, bridal lingerie is an important part of the bridal outfit.
By choosing comfortable, well-fitting lingerie in the right style, color and material, you will be able to enjoy a perfectly fitting dress all day and feel your very best on the big day! That that for us is the most important goal!

LingaDore lingerie
There are many series that can be suitable as bridal lingerie, we would like to tell you a bit more about the 2 series that we think are very suitable for a perfect wedding night.

Off White… All you need is a white lingerie set! The wire bra 6604A is a sexy series with luxurious look which is perfect to wear as bridal lingerie. This underwire bra is completely covered with lace and is also great for larger cup sizes.

The bra is perfect to combine with the different products in this series. The luxurious & fine details will make any woman shine on her wedding night.

In addition to the 6604 series, the Daily collection is also very suitable as wedding lingerie.

Strapless balconette bra in ivory
The 1400-2B bra is the balconette model from Lingadore’s basic collection.
The balconette bra can also be worn as a halter top, with crossover straps in the back and without straps. This makes the bra perfect for under any type of wedding dress.

The bra can be combined with various items from LingaDore’s basic collection to surprise your partner even more.

Well-fitting underwear gives you more confidence

It’s amazing, but true. Mehr als 80 % aller Frauen tragen die falsche BH-Größe. Sie möchten wissen, ob Sie die richtige Größe tragen? Dann besuchen Sie eine unserer Filialen und lassen Sie Ihre BH-Größe messen. Oder probieren Sie es mit unserer supereinfachen Anleitung selbst aus.

Choose the right size
It is important to measure regularly because your size can change over the years. Due to weight gain or weight loss, illness, pregnancy, etc. A bra in the right size gives you a more beautiful silhouette and is also more comfortable. When a bra is no longer comfortable, most women opt for a bra in a larger size. But this is not always the best choice. Wenn Sie derzeit eines der unten genannten Probleme haben, tragen Sie nicht den richtigen BH.

Mein BH verrutscht (leicht)
Die Größe ist wahrscheinlich ein wenig zu locker. Therefore, your bra is shifting. The solution is simple; a bra in a smaller size. Are you currently wearing a 75C? Then try a 70C. This bra has the same cup as the 75C bra, but with a tighter fit.

The shoulder straps press into my shoulders and irritate the skin
Your shoulder straps are too tight. Loosen them and you’ll feel an immediate difference. You probably did this to get more support from your bra. But really, the support should come from your bra; not from the shoulder straps. If the size under your breasts is too wide for you, your shoulder straps are responsible for all the weight and support of your breasts. As a result, the straps cut into your skin and sometimes leave painful red marks on your shoulders.

The shoulder straps keep falling off my shoulders
If the shoulder straps keep falling off your shoulders, the straps are too loose. Probably the underbust size of your bra is also too large. Are you wearing an 80B? Then try a 75B.

Probably the underbust size of your bra is also too large.
The cups are too small, so your breasts don’t fit nicely. We recommend trying a larger cup size.

My breasts can be seen under the cups
When this is the case, the underbust size of your bra is too large. Your bra does not fit your body nicely. Are you wearing an 80B? A 75B will probably fit you better.

The cups are wrinkled and don’t fit my breasts nicely
The cups are supposed to be smooth. If this is not the case, your cup is too big. Try a smaller cup size. Are you wearing an 80D? Then try an 80C.

Need help?
Everyone will feel better if they look good in their clothes. Did you know that lingerie is an important part of that? Well-fitting lingerie gives you a beautiful silhouette. Well-fitting lingerie accentuates your best parts. Pay attention to the seams, the width of the bra straps and definitely don’t forget the panties. Slips should fit nicely and should not cut into your skin. That can be very unflattering.

When wearing tight clothing, the LingaDore Uni-Fit bras are the solution! The cups are made of micro, making them perfect for fighting under tight clothing. But this is not the only reason why this bra is so great. These bras have special contoured cups with some elasticity in the upper cups. As a result, the cups fit your breasts perfectly. The bottom of the cups do not have this elasticity, preventing the breasts from hanging in the cups and giving your breasts the support they need. The elastic shoulder straps are also very comfortable and do not cut into your shoulders.

Bra Care: How and how often to wash your bra

For many women, unfortunately, shopping for new lingerie is not the most enjoyable activity. And especially new bras. Favorite bras are often worn until they almost fall apart. Lingerie experts report that bras last an average of eight months. And that’s only if the bras are also well cared for. After these eight months, bras often stretch to the point where they no longer provide the breasts with the necessary support. The more bras, the more often you change them, the longer your bras will last. Of course, this is a bigger investment, but it does extend the life of your bra.

Buuuutttt, how can you enjoy your favorite bra for as long as possible? In this blog, we’ll give you some tips to extend its lifespan.

Washing lingerie
Many women think that the lifespan of a bra is extended by washing it as little as possible. But nothing could be further from the truth, because you should not wear a bra for more than two days in a row without washing. Why? Shoulder straps and back circumference widen. The elastic fibers stretch under the influence of body heat, sweating and rubbing with the skin. It is better to wash your bra regularly so that the elasticity of the fibers can recover. Your lingerie will then last longer. Wearing your favorite bra once and then storing it for a week is not good either, as sweat can work its way into the material for longer. And sweat is very corrosive.

Machine wash or hand wash
In general, it is better to hand wash your lingerie. But you then have to be careful that the water is not too hot, you do not use too much detergent and whether you use the right detergent. Don’t soak your lingerie for too long and be careful not to wring out the bra too hard. The delicate wash cycle on your washing machine may be the solution for non-preformed bras. Do not use too much detergent and always use a laundry bag.

Do not put contoured bras in the washing machine because of the cups, as the drum can tend to cause bumps and dents in the cups. Be sure not to soak the bra in the water for too long, as the colors will bleed out in multicolored bras. Then rinse, gently squeeze out the water and let dry on a towel. This extends the life of your bra. If you choose to hand wash, be careful. Wring your bra gently so that the elastic fibers are not damaged, you avoid wrinkles and the underwires are not deformed.

After washing comes the drying part. If you want to enjoy your bras for at least eight months, do not put your bras in the dryer. Lingerie cannot tolerate these high temperatures. Colors fade faster, elasticity goes down faster and materials may pill. We therefore recommend drying your lingerie naturally. Preferably lying on a drying rack and not hanging. Because if your bra is still too wet, the material will stretch more as moisture seeps through. It is also not recommended to dry your bras on the stove or in the sun.

Did you learn many new things? Or was this all a piece of cake for you?
As you may have read, there are many things that contribute to the longevity of your favorite bra. Below are the key points once again.

– Wash your white and dark lingerie nothing together.
– Do not use products that are supposed to make your laundry whiter.
Not too much laundry in your washing machine.
– Wear your lingerie no longer than two days.
Don’t leave your worn lingerie in your laundry basket for too long.
– Do not soak your lingerie for too long.

– Wash your lingerie with the most delicate wash program.
– Do not wash your lingerie warmer than 30°C.
– Close the back of your bra.
– Use a laundry bag.
– White by white and dark by dark.
– Use little detergent.
– Wear your bras for a maximum of two days in a row.

Bruidslingerie: de do’s en don’ts

On this beautiful day, you will be the center of attention! Hope you are totally happy with your wedding dress. But aren’t you forgetting what you’re wearing underneath?

Our special white bridal lingerie will make your wedding dress look even better. You want to avoid showing the lines of your panties or the straps of your bra. Therefore, match your bridal lingerie to your wedding dress. Look carefully at the model, and decide which lingerie fits this best.

LingaDore has an extensive bridal lingerie collection almost every season. Beautiful white-colored styles finished with delicate and trendy lace, for all brides to-be! And, of course, for the non-brides as well.

Gel bra
Are you wearing a dress with a closed, square or u-neck? Then you can basically wear any bra! Go for a nice (lace) gel bra with a subtle push for feeling confident.

This gel bra is suitable for smaller breasts as well as firm breasts with a larger cup size. In addition, the gel bra is also perfect for breasts that are a little further apart!

The gel bra gives a natural push-up effect. The liquid gel pads safely embedded in the cups provide the push exactly where it is needed most for you. This is because the gel in the cushion can move and thus adapt perfectly to your breast. In this way, a beautiful cleavage is created.

Subtly contoured bra

This contoured bra is suitable for smaller breasts as well as firm breasts with a larger cup size. This contoured bra is also a perfect choice for breasts that are a little further apart. The cups are partially covered with lace and the shoulder straps are adjustable.

Strapless Balconet bra
Does your dress have a sweetheart neckline and your shoulders are bared? Then go for a strapless bra so you don’t see shoulder straps.

This balconette bra has a great fit. The balconette bra is suitable for both small and large breasts. In addition, for uneven breasts and breasts with less volume at the top, this bra is also a perfect choice! The higher center front piece ensures that each chest stays in the right place. A big plus of this balconette bra is that it can also be worn strapless. The cups of this bra are half covered with ivory colored lace.

Briefs with smooth back
The briefs are made of micro, which is super comfortable. The front is partially finished with beautiful lace. The crotch of the briefs is lined. Perfect for wearing under a close-fitting wedding gown.

Briefs with lace back
Do you have an A-line wedding dress? Then a thong is not recommended and it is better to go for a slip. Perhaps you find a thong more comfortable, but think about what can happen to the wide wedding dress or skirt once you are taken over the shoulders by that one crazy brother-in-law, friend or uncle: before you know it, you’re going to have your bottom exposed!

The front of the briefs consists of both lace and micro, which is super comfortable The back is composed entirely of lace. The crotch of the slip is lined. Because the briefs are made of lace at the back, you won’t have any seams.

String for invisible seams
Do you have a figure hugging dress? Then a thong might be the best option. On the front, the thong consists of lace combined with micro. The back is composed entirely of lace. The crotch of the string is lined. A string is always the perfect solution for tight clothing. Especially since the back of the string is made of lace, you’re not going to have any visible seams. That way you’ll get through your wedding day completely at ease. And that’s what you want, isn’t it?

A corset is also always very popular. This corset is made in a beautiful combination of lace with mesh. The corset has contoured cups and has adjustable shoulder straps. A corset accentuates your bosom. You can get rid of any unwanted curves so that your figure looks its best.

Are you looking for an alternative to the standard bathrobe while preparing for your big day? How about a beautiful LingaDore kimono! Ideal when your hair and bridal makeup will be done.

A beautiful full lace body. Not necessarily for your wedding day, but perhaps for your bachelorette party. Combined with a skirt and you’re ready to go!

Does your wedding dress have a very low V-neck or even an open back? Then it is really not an option to wear a bra. Then go for accessories such as fashion tape. This is guaranteed to stay on all day and it also feels very comfortable.

Lingerie for the wedding night

Above all, don’t forget the wedding night! We have thought about this, too. From a satin dress, a lace babydoll or exciting suspenders.
Choose the outfit you feel most comfortable with.

Semi-transparent dress
Go for a sexy semi-transparent dress. The chemise is made entirely of mesh in a dot print. This is sure to get your future husband’s head spinning.

Satin dress
Do you think a transparent dress is just a little too much? Then we also have a dress made of a satin-like fabric. The shoulder straps are adjustable. The top and bottom of the dress is finished with mesh with a dot print and lace. Go into your wedding night fashionable and sexy!

Have you found your perfect wedding dress? And are you now looking for that extra something to complete your look? Then go for a nice suspender belt. Suspenders really complete many a lingerie set and make your beautiful outfit even more special! Suspenders used to be necessary to keep stockings in place. These days, it’s more of a sexy gadget. Suspenders are also often used by brides to create a sexy look during the wedding night.

Lingerie for your wedding night is all about the sexiness! Especially babydolls is popular as wedding night lingerie. This is a short, transparent dress, finished with lace and/or bows. Wedding night lingerie is often bought in the traditional colors such as (off-)white and ivory, but actually there are no rules. Choose the color you feel sexiest in!

Dear beautiful brides, we wish you lots of happiness and we hope you have a wonderful wedding day!

How can you enjoy your new bikini set for as long as possible?

The road to finding the perfect bikini can sometimes be a long one. Nowadays there are so many different models, prints and colors that you sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees. When you have finally found the perfect bikini, you naturally want to enjoy it as long as possible. But how can you extend the life of your swimwear as long as possible?

Choose the right fabric
When shopping, pay close attention to the fabric of which the bikini is made. Choose a bikini that is largely made of the fabric lycra. These bikinis stay beautiful longer, and that’s what we want!

Avoid slides
Slides make your favorite bikini show signs of wear faster, and we want to avoid that. So are you planning to spend a day at a water park? Then put on an old bikini.

Are you going to sunbathe on the beach or at the pool for a day? Then remember to regularly apply sunscreen. Once is not enough. It is best to avoid the sun completely between 12 and 3 pm. Apply sunscreen well in advance. This way the sunscreen has time to absorb properly so that it works optimally and you reduce the chance of the sunscreen getting on your swimwear. The cream can cause discolorations on your bikini. Are there any sunburn marks on your bikini? Then wash your bikini as soon as possible according to the instructions on the label. If this does not work, try mixing washing powder with a little water and let it soak in well. Then rinse your bikini well with tap water.

It may sound a bit strange, but chlorine is one of the main culprits of discolored and stretched bikinis. This is mainly due to the combination of sun and chlorine. Bikinis can’t handle this well. (Just like your hair) Often there is a shower near a chlorine pool. Jump directly under this after swimming to rinse the chlorine out of your bikini and hair. It’s better to hop in the shower beforehand as well. The fabric of your bikini then absorbs less harmful substances from the chlorinated water, which immediately reduces the chance of discoloration.

To wash
Just like lingerie, it is not a good idea to wash your swimwear in the washing machine. Hand washing is a much better idea Prepare two bowls with cold water. In the first container you put a neutral detergent and let your bikini work in it for 5 minutes. Then take the other container and let your bikini soak in it for 5 minutes as well.

Never wring out your bikini after washing.
Don’t put it in the dryer at all.

If you have chosen the right fabric, your bikini consists largely of stretch. What you should definitely not do is wring out your bikini. This causes your favorite bikini to lose its shape. Result: a stretched bikini that no longer fits well.

Let the bikini dry lying down, in a dry, dark and well-ventilated place. Do not let it dry outside in the sun, as this will cause the color to fade more quickly and will also affect the elasticity of the fabric. It is also not smart to hang your bikini to dry. Because of the wet fabric, your bikini weighs at least 2 more than normal. When you hang the bikini to dry, you distort the fit and stretch it.

Go for a no wire bra with cotton

Not everyone is a big fan of bras with wires. Does this also apply to you, but do you still want that extra support? Then try a bra with no wire. This wire-free bra provides the same amount of support as a bra with wire, but is much more comfortable. Make sure that when you buy a bra without wire, it is made of good quality and sturdy fabric, as the support of these bras comes from the fabric itself. It is also important that the bra fits well under the bust. A bra without wire gives you maximum freedom and natural support.

LingaDore also has a bra without wire in the basic collection. It is a true LingaDore classic. This bra is made of 20% cotton and is very comfortable. The additional boning on the cups and sides, wider sides, and wider adjustable shoulder straps ensure that this cotton bra provides you with the perfect support. Another advantage of this bra is that the breasts are fully covered within the cups. The cups fit perfectly to the breasts, giving women a beautiful neckline and a pleasant and comfortable feeling all day long.

For whom?

♥ (older) women with (larger) breasts who want extra support and comfort.
♥ Women with wider-set breasts.
♥ Women with broader bodies.
♥ And, of course, for women who do not like wire bras.
♥ Available in 5 colours (black, white, blush, ivory, and navy) and sold for the affordable price of only €24.95.
♥ The bra without wire is available in sizes 80-110 BCDEF.

Do you want to try this comfortable cotton bra without wire? Buy it now!

4 lingerie musthaves for under your summer top

Have you bought a new strapless top? And can’t you wear this top because you don’t have the right bra? We’ve all been there!
In this blog, you will read about 4 different accessories that will save your life.

1. Strapless Wing Bra

The Strapless Wing Bra is perfect for that new strapless top! And yes, with this bra, you can finally wear it! With this bra, you won’t see any straps. Another advantage: No closure at the back! So, it’s also perfect for an open-back top!

2. Silicone Bra Cups

Do you like to wear an open-back top, but at the same time, you want something that gives a fuller cup? Then the Silicone Bra Cups are a better fit for you! Like the Strapless Wing Bra, this accessory also has no closure at the back. Extra: This bra has a front closure and a higher top. This provides lift and beautiful full cups.

3. Invisible Lift Bra

Everyone has a top or dress with a deep V-neck in their wardrobe. And that’s where this Invisible Lift Bra is perfect for! Why? There is no front closure, so no bra is visible. In addition, this bra lifts the breasts in a natural way and serves as a nipple cover. A real musthave if you ask us!

4. Body Tape 5cm/5m

To make you feel completely confident in your new top, you can also use the elastic boob tape. It is designed to lift or cover the breasts. You can use the boob tape in the way that suits your breasts best. Perfect for under any top or dress!

Except for the Body Tape, all accessories are reusable. Make sure to place the plastic back on the accessories after use to prevent dust from settling on them.
Dust can cause the bra to stick less the next time.

Curious or haven’t found your perfect accessory yet? There are more LingaDore accessories available!