Moulded bra

Moulded bra

A moulded bra has cups lined with padding, providing the bra with extra support. Because of this, moulded bras are ideal for larger cup sizes. Thanks to the wide range of sizes available, there is a perfect moulded bra for everyone. The carefully designed cups create beautiful rounded shapes, making you feel confident and radiant in your lingerie!

Benefits of a moulded bra

Accentuate your beautiful curves with our moulded bras. This bra, equipped with padded cups, gives your breasts a subtle roundness and provides a gentle lift, resulting in a natural appearance. The streamlined, padded cups make it the ideal choice under tight shirts. Our moulded bras remains invisible and gives you the confidence to shine brightly.

Comfortable fit

At LingaDore, we understand that comfort is the key to confidence. Our moulded bras are designed to offer an excellent fit for every woman. The firm, high-quality cups prevent your bra from slipping, even with a strapless design. Furthermore, we ship your lingerie for free in sustainable packaging. If you wish to return your new lingerie, we have included a return label for your convenience, allowing you to try on other LingaDore bras at your own pace.

Care instructions

To preserve the lifespan of your moulded bra, follow these simple steps:

  • Hand wash your bra;
  • Wash your bra at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius;
  • Avoid using bleach;
  • Let your bra air dry.

This way, you will maintain the shape and quality, allowing you to enjoy wearing your bra time and time again.