Washing advice

How can you enjoy your lingerie and swimwear for as long as possible?

Lingerie washing tips

Lingerie is best washed by hand, but if you choose to wash your lingerie in the washing machine,
read the tips below to extend the life of your lingerie.

Tip 1: Wash your bra regularly.

This allows the elasticity of the fibres to recover. Also, don’t wear your bra for more than two days at a time. Why? Shoulder straps and band width widen during wearing. The elastic fibres stretch under the influence of body heat, perspiration and contact with the skin.

Tip 2: Wash with your delicate wash programme.

Use the delicate wash programme on your washing machine to wash non-moulded bras. Always close the bra hooks, do not use too much detergent, and always use a laundry bag. Do not wash your lingerie hotter than 30 degrees.

Tip 3: Wash moulded bras by hand.

Wash moulded bras preferably by hand This is because the drum tends to cause bumps and dents in the cups. Make sure not to soak the bra too long in the water, as the colours will fade out, especially for multicoloured bras. Then rinse it, gently squeeze out the water and let it dry lying down on a towel. Do you opt for machine washing? Then always use a laundry bag. This is also to preserve your washing machine. The underwire can then not get stuck in the drum.

Tip 4: Store your bras properly.

Is your bra dry? Then put it in full width in your wardrobe. Never fold your bras in half, as this will cause folds in the cups that will (almost) never come out.

Washing tips bikini

Probably the search for the perfect bikini was quite long.
Now you have found one and of course, you want to enjoy it as long as possible.
But how can you prolong the life of your bikini?

Tip 1: While shopping, pay close attention to the fabric the bikini is made of.

Choose a bikini that is largely made of lycra. This is because these bikinis last longer.

Tip 2: Slides will make your bikini wear out faster.

Planning a day trip to a water park? Then better put on an old bikini.

Tip 3: Apply sunscreen well in advance.

This will give the sunscreen time to be absorbed into the skin, reducing the risk of it getting onto your swimwear and causing discolouration.

Tip 4: Chlorine is disastrous for your bikini.

Chlorine is one of the biggest culprits of discoloured and stretched bikinis. Jump in the shower immediately after swimming to rinse the chlorine out of your bikini. It is better to hop in the shower beforehand as well. This is because the fabric of your bikini will absorb fewer harmful substances from the chlorinated water.

Tip 5: Hand wash your bikini.

This remains the best for your bikini. Prepare two bowls with cold water. Put neutral detergent in the first basin and soak your bikini in it for 5 minutes. Then soak your bikini in the container with water only for 5 minutes as well.

Tip 6: Never wring out your bikini.

This will cause your favourite bikini to lose its shape.

Tip 7: Dry your bikini lying down, in a dark place.

Do not leave it outside to dry in the sun, as this will cause the colour to fade faster and it also affects the elasticity of the fabric.

Tip 8: Do not leave your bikini hanging to dry.

The wet fabric makes your bikini weigh at least twice as much as normal. If you leave your bikini hanging to dry, you will deform the fit and stretch it.

Washing instructions

This applies to the entire LingaDore collection, except for our loungewear.

Hand wash

At 30 degrees

Do not iron

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry