LingaDore & Sustainability

Step by step, even if they sometimes do not seem that big, LingaDore believes that as a company we are responsible for our environment, society and planet. This awareness ensures that we take a critical look at our collections, packaging, distribution, suppliers, materials and production processes. We work on this process together with our producers, suppliers and employees, and we strive for sustainable business operations around the world.

Responsible Procurement and Production

The origin of our raw materials and how a collection is made are two aspects that LingaDore scrutinizes closely. Choosing the right materials is an essential part of developing our collections, with the aim being to produce as much as possible with sustainable materials in the future.

Together with our parent organization Mendels Fashion Group, we take a critical look at our producers and support them in purchasing and/or producing with more sustainable solutions. Before we collaborate and enter into a partnership, we check at first whether our producers have the correct certificates.

BSCI Certificate

LingaDore prioritizes safety for all people involved in developing our collections. To guarantee good working conditions at our producers’ facilities, we only work with BSCI certified manufacturers. This implies that our producers create good working conditions, pay fair wages and most importantly; do not engage in any form of child labor!

Since the majority of our collections are produced in China, a so-called high-risk country in terms of labor conditions, annual audits are carried out at our producers‘ factories. These audits are based on a number of minimum requirements (a code of conduct based on several important international conventions related to human and labor rights) that a producer/supplier must comply with. The findings of each audit are shared with our head office in a report.


In addition to BSCI, our producers are also OEKO-TEX certified. OEKO-TEX is a worldwide sustainability label for textiles. This quality mark indicates that the article does not contain any harmful substances, taking into account the most important regulations. Producers with whom LingaDore cooperates are tested by an independent OEKO-TEX institute.

Logistics, packaging and product returns

Producing a collection is only a small part of the journey an article must take until it gets to the end consumer. Besides the fact that we critically check our producers and suppliers, we also ensure that our own warehouse meets all (local) legal requirements in regards to working conditions and to support our staff.

But what else does LingaDore do to strive for sustainable business operations?

From factory

to warehouse

LingaDore is aware of the co2 emissions associated with a flight or cargo ship trip from the factory to our warehouse in Dinxperlo. That is why we choose more consciously and send our collections by train as often as possible. The environmental impact of a cargo flight is up to fifteen times more than a train trip. In addition to that, the containers are only put on cargo ships when they are 100% filled.

Recently, one of our suppliers started offering the possibility to send LCL shipments from Asia CO2 neutral by sea and air freight without surcharge. This gives us the option of shipping goods in a more CO2 neutral manner by sea in the future.



As soon as the collections have arrived in our warehouse, they are distributed over the racks. Just like collecting the orders, this is done with our own ‘leg – cart’. Our warehouses are systematically arranged in a logical way, so that we limit the walking distances. LingaDore can also opt for powered support. In consultation with our employees we always choose the healthiest and most environmentally conscious option.



LingaDore wants to minimize the impact of packaging on the environment. Our customers receive the collections in boxes made of 100% recyclable cardboard. In addition, no unnecessary filling material is used, and the articles are no longer delivered on hangers. We also discuss, where possible and consult with our customers, the sending of individual items and we ensure that orders are combined as much as possible.

Despite of collecting multiple items, these are unfortunately still individually wrapped in plastic. Our aim is therefore to convert this into an (organic) alternative in the future.

The company

Creating sustainable solutions does not only take place in the warehouse, but throughout our entire building in Dinxperlo. LingaDore has for example replaced all lamps with LED lighting a few years ago.

Of course, this is not the only way of how we want to contribute to a more sustainable world on a daily basis. In addition to separating waste, we drink from mugs instead of disposable cups. Our employees come to the office by bicycle as far as possible and the purchase of solar panels will be realized in the short term.

As stated before, every step, even if they are not always immediately visible or very large, is one in the direction of a sustainable world!