Lingerie Accessoires

Feel sexy and safe in tight clothes

Are the cups too visible under your outfit? Then try the nipple covers from our collection of accessories. These are made of soft silicone, but only cover the nipples. They are easy to apply with an adhesive part. Nipple covers make you feel sexy and safe in tight clothes and thin fabrics. Looking for a little more support? A strapless bra is the perfect solution if you want to wear a nice top or dress with an open or deep back or if you do not want to see the shoulder straps on your back. A stick-on bra is also very suitable for this purpose. Plenty of possibilities to leave the house radiant and seductive! Order your accessories in our webshop and try them on in front of your own mirror at home.

Shape your look with tape

Cups are not for you? Or are they still too visible under your outfit? Good news because you can even lift your breasts with body tape. They are also suitable to cover (part of) your breasts. Our tape is available in beige, brown and black. Stick the tape wherever you want and create the basis for a fantastic, sexy look. In addition to body tape, you can get fashion tape in our webshop, too. This ensures that your outfit stays in place. Especially handy with, for example, loose blouses, low necklines and strapless tops and dresses. The tape is gentle on the skin and easy to remove. Also useful for ’emergencies’, such as loose seams or holes and tears in your clothing. With fashion tape you are simply prepared for anything!

Wash safely with a laundry bag

Do you want to keep your lingerie and accessories as beautiful as possible? Then wash them in a laundry bag. For silicone accessories and fragile lingerie, set your washing machine to ‘hand wash’ or rinse them yourself at a low temperature. This way you can enjoy your LingaDore items for as long as possible!