Mix & Match or a set. The LingaDore halter bikinis range is very extensive. You can choose the Mix & Match bikini bottoms and tops separately. Nice summer prints, or a solid halter bikini; you’ll find it here.

Halter bikini with a great fit

A halter bikini is a bikini that fits securely around the neck. The mostly wide straps of this bikini need to be attached at the back of the neck. This bikini is a perfect choice for women with a larger cup size, because this bikini offers a lot of support. With a halter bikini, your shoulders also look straight, your breasts rounder and fuller, your arms more feminine and your back more beautiful. So it’s not surprising that this bikini top is the favourite of most women. Moreover, the halter bikini is very feminine, elegant and sexy.

Versatile bikini top

This bikini is a real LingaDore best seller! Due to the popular wide shoulder straps, the bikini is very comfortable and the straps do not cut into your skin. This halter neck can be worn in many ways, in the normal way, with straight straps (by passing them through the rings that can be found on the back wings and attaching them with a button), crosswise on the back and crosswise.