A balconette bra is not visible on clothing with a low neckline. The shoulder straps are also more placed on the outside. The balconette bra is a good choice for many women. This bra supports the breasts well and gives them a natural shape.

The perfect bra for almost every outfit

In the past, bras were purely functional, now it has also become a fashion item. Bras’s are worn under transparent tops or under shirts with a deep neckline. In general, we do not want our bra to be visible on the street and he must do what they are supposed to do; provide support.

Great fit

The cups of the LingaDore balconette bras have a semi-circular shape and the cups are cut lower than a standard bras. The shoulder straps are also more towards the outside of the bra. This ensures that the bra is not visible under tops with a low neckline.

The balconette bra is suitable for both small and large breasts. But also for uneven breasts and breasts with less volume at the top, this bra is a perfect choice! The higher middle front ensures that each breast stays in the right place.