Well-fitting underwear gives you more confidence

It’s amazing, but true. Mehr als 80 % aller Frauen tragen die falsche BH-Größe. Sie möchten wissen, ob Sie die richtige Größe tragen? Dann besuchen Sie eine unserer Filialen und lassen Sie Ihre BH-Größe messen. Oder probieren Sie es mit unserer supereinfachen Anleitung selbst aus.

Choose the right size
It is important to measure regularly because your size can change over the years. Due to weight gain or weight loss, illness, pregnancy, etc. A bra in the right size gives you a more beautiful silhouette and is also more comfortable. When a bra is no longer comfortable, most women opt for a bra in a larger size. But this is not always the best choice. Wenn Sie derzeit eines der unten genannten Probleme haben, tragen Sie nicht den richtigen BH.

Mein BH verrutscht (leicht)
Die Größe ist wahrscheinlich ein wenig zu locker. Therefore, your bra is shifting. The solution is simple; a bra in a smaller size. Are you currently wearing a 75C? Then try a 70C. This bra has the same cup as the 75C bra, but with a tighter fit.

The shoulder straps press into my shoulders and irritate the skin
Your shoulder straps are too tight. Loosen them and you’ll feel an immediate difference. You probably did this to get more support from your bra. But really, the support should come from your bra; not from the shoulder straps. If the size under your breasts is too wide for you, your shoulder straps are responsible for all the weight and support of your breasts. As a result, the straps cut into your skin and sometimes leave painful red marks on your shoulders.

The shoulder straps keep falling off my shoulders
If the shoulder straps keep falling off your shoulders, the straps are too loose. Probably the underbust size of your bra is also too large. Are you wearing an 80B? Then try a 75B.

Probably the underbust size of your bra is also too large.
The cups are too small, so your breasts don’t fit nicely. We recommend trying a larger cup size.

My breasts can be seen under the cups
When this is the case, the underbust size of your bra is too large. Your bra does not fit your body nicely. Are you wearing an 80B? A 75B will probably fit you better.

The cups are wrinkled and don’t fit my breasts nicely
The cups are supposed to be smooth. If this is not the case, your cup is too big. Try a smaller cup size. Are you wearing an 80D? Then try an 80C.

Need help?
Everyone will feel better if they look good in their clothes. Did you know that lingerie is an important part of that? Well-fitting lingerie gives you a beautiful silhouette. Well-fitting lingerie accentuates your best parts. Pay attention to the seams, the width of the bra straps and definitely don’t forget the panties. Slips should fit nicely and should not cut into your skin. That can be very unflattering.

When wearing tight clothing, the LingaDore Uni-Fit bras are the solution! The cups are made of micro, making them perfect for fighting under tight clothing. But this is not the only reason why this bra is so great. These bras have special contoured cups with some elasticity in the upper cups. As a result, the cups fit your breasts perfectly. The bottom of the cups do not have this elasticity, preventing the breasts from hanging in the cups and giving your breasts the support they need. The elastic shoulder straps are also very comfortable and do not cut into your shoulders.