Bikini bottoms come in many shapes and sizes. Which bikini bottoms do you need? For this it is useful to know your body type. Women with little hips have more benefits from tie pants. This gives the illusion of a curved body. Do you want to shirt the attention of your hips? Then choose a minimalist bottoms.

Combine your own unique beach look

LingaDore offers the possibility to put together your own bikini set. We sell loose bikini tops and bottoms. This way you can make your favorite combination yourself, so you can go to the beach in a unique outfit. And additional advantage is that you are not tied to a certain size, but that you can purchase a different size for both the bottom and the top.

LingaDore has a diverse range of bikinis with beautiful, summery print. But the plain bikinis are certainly not forgotten. Mix & match your own favorite bikini set!