None wired bra? Not everyone finds bras with underwires just as pleasant. Does that also apply to you and do you still want extra support? Then try a non wired bra. These wire-free bras give just as much support as other bras and they are also extra comfortable. Please note that the bra without wire is made of a sturdy material, because the support for these bras comes purely from the fabric itself. It is also important that the size of the bra fits well. A bra without wire gives you optimum freedom and natural support.

A true classic; the LingaDore non wired bra

LingaDore also has a comfortable bra without wires in its regular range. A true LingaDore classic! This bra consists of 20% cotton, which makes this bra very comfortable. The extra braces on the cups and sides, wider side panels and wide adjustable shoulder straps give this cotton bra perfect support. Another advantage of this bra is that the breasts are completely in the cups. The cups fit perfectly around the breasts and give women a nice décolleté and a pleasant and comfortable feeling all day long. Try a non wired bra!