Buy your bralette at LingaDore. It is the current trend! They are not only very comfortable, but can also be super sexy. It is the perfect bra if you want to emphasize your natural shape. Looking for a sexy and comfortable bra without wires?

The bralette is very comfortable and sexy

A bralette is a non-padded bra without wires and is often made of lace. The dimensions are as follows: S / M / L. A bralette is very comfortable, but also looks very sexy. Because these bras have no wires, it offers less support than bras with wires. That is why these bras often only go up to size L. Larger sizes often require more support. This of course does not mean that you cannot wear a bralette with large cup sizes. If the bra fits and fits comfortably, you can simply alternate it with your normal bras.

Part of your outfit

Bralettes worden ook vaak gedragen onder een t-shirt met diepe v-hals of een blouse, zodat je een are also often worn under a deep V-neck t-shirt or blouse, so that you can see a piece of the bra. This way it will become a part of your outfit.