A simple bikini guide that helps you to choose the perfect swimwear outfit.

We all have certain parts of our body that we would like to hide as much as possible, as well as parts that are worth receiving some extra attention. Below you will find a simple guide that helps you to find the right LingaDore bikini for you!

Skin tone

Let’s start with the tone of your skin.

Do you have a light skin tone?
Go for strong and fresh colors. Blue, greenish and purple tones also do well on light skin. Avoid pastels and yellow (they’ll make you look pale). Also black is often too contrasting for a light skin tone that hasn’t seen much sun yet.

Do you have a normal to dark skin tone?
Then you’re lucky! Black does look good on you, and so do all other colors and prints, including pastels, yellow and strong colors. White also is a great option, to show off how tanned you have become already!

Your body

Then there are these body parts you want to cover and hide, while there definitely are parts of your body as well that you’re proud of:

Do you have smaller breasts?
Then you’re fortunate and all bikini tops are suitable for you!

As your breasts are smaller, you can wear a triangle bra without wires and with removable pads with grace. To create a sexier cleavage, you could put the triangles further aside from each other.

In case you like the non-wired triangle bra shape, but would like some more padding and push-up effect, then a triangle push-up bra is right for you.

Another non-wired bikini top that is very suitable for smaller or firm breasts is the bandeau bikini. It has silicon tape at the side wings, keeping the bra at its place, so the bra won’t go down when you take a deep dive into the water.

Want to create bigger breasts and more cleavage? Then a gel bra come highly recommended. They have gel pads incorporated inside the cups, resulting in a boost of your breasts, giving them a fuller appearance. Besides, these come with wires, for some extra support and can thereby very well be worn by ladies with bigger cup sizes as well.

Last, also the best-selling halterneck bra creates a nice cleavage. The halterneck straps can also be worn regular!

Do you want your breasts to look bigger? Go for big prints with bright colors. Avoid smaller prints and dark colors.

Do you have bigger breasts?
For extra support and a subtle lift, go for bikini tops that have wires. Such as our best-selling halterneck bra. Because of the wires and moulded cups, it offers sufficient support to you.

Another good option are the wired bandeau bras, that keep the breasts very well at their right place, also thanks to the higher centre front. Besides, these are wired and moulded and thereby provide high support.

Want your breasts to look smaller? Go for black and other dark colors, which have a slimming effect. Avoid bright colors and big prints.

Do you have bigger breasts and a belly you want to hide? Then read on…

Do you have a belly?
In case you have a belly you would rather not draw too much attention to, a tankini of swimsuit is the perfect solution for you. A tankini is actually a bikini top, with a covered-up belly.

The tankini’s have reinforced backpanels with lining, for extra support. So these are also great for ladies with heavier breasts.

Also additional cover-ups are great to camouflage a belly, such as a jumpsuit, pareo, top or dress. Great about a pareo is that you can wear it in various ways.

Hiding a bigger bottom
If you want to hide your bottom or make it look smaller, go for dark prints or dark solid colors.

A common misconception is to wear bigger briefs or shorts; as these will only make your bottom look bigger, though you might feel more comfortable as more of your bottom is covered-up. Do leave mini briefs and tie-side briefs aside though; they will cut into your skin as the side seams are very short.

Great are bottoms which have cords at the sides, as this has a slimming effect and you can create just the right brief for you all by yourself by pulling up or down the cords.

Another great choice would be bottoms, with contrasting waist bands, as they optically make your bottom look smaller, since the waist band seems to not be part of your bottom anymore, but more like a belt.

Besides beach skirts, you can also use a pareo or dress to cover-up your bottom while going for a walk on the beach or boulevard. Very fashionable this summer!

Creating a bigger bottom
Do you have a small bottom? Then you can easily pull off wearing tie-side briefs and mini briefs. The prints with stripes in horizontal direction will also make your bottom & hips look a bit wider; creating a feminine posture. Bigger prints will give more body to your bottom as well.

Making your body look taller
If you want your body to look taller, wear bikini briefs with shorter side seams, as they make your legs look longer. This means to opt for the briefs, mini briefs and tie-side briefs, and to leave the shorts and Brazilian shorty’s aside.

Making your body look shorter
If you’re tall already and prefer to look a bit shorter, then opt for the shorts and Brazilian shorty’s, as they make your legs look shorter.

Making your shoulders look narrower
To make your shoulders look narrower, dodge the bandeau bras without straps, or bikini’s with thin shoulder straps. Go for bikini tops with wider shoulder straps, preferably with a halterneck, as this puts your upper body more into proportion. This means the halterneck bikini is the ultimate solution for this, due to its wider strap width and the option to wear it as a halter neck.
Also darker colors and prints work well for this as they have a slimming effect.

On the contrary, if you want your shoulders to look broader, do choose those bikini’s with thinner shoulder straps, or leave the straps and select the bandeau styles.

Making your hips look narrower
If it’s narrower hips that you’re after, it is tempting to hide them by wearing bikini briefs with bigger side seams, like shorts and Brazilian shorties. This will have an adverse effect though; the bigger the bikini brief, the more eye-catching your hips will be.

So best would be to take away the attention from your hips, and lead it to your bikini top and wear a normal brief instead.