Today we are not going to talk about slips and bras, but about an item that is spotted more and more often… Namely the body.

The body, also called a bodysuit, is super elegant & stylish and is often available in various shapes and sizes.
These days, the body is not only worn in the bedroom, but also in daily life and outdoors.

Do you already have one in your closet?

Wearing a body has many advantages. It is namely a bra and slip in one. This means that you do not suffer from a slip that rolls down or a bra with irritating shoulder straps. It also provides a smoother effect on your back, compared to wearing a bra. It also avoids abrasion spots and/or stretch marks that you possible get from your pants, skirt or even your tights.

A disadvantage of the body can be that you are almost naked when you visit the toilet. Fortunately, all the LingaDore bodies have buttons at the bottom.

We have listed some nice style tips for wearing a body.

Style tip 1

Do you often wear a skirt with your top in it? Then you probably often suffer from the lines of your top. Especially if your skirt has a tighter model and your top is actually a bit too long. The best solution for this is to wear a body as a top. You don’t see any lines here and it doesn’t really matter what type of skirt you wear.

Style tip 2

Do you like a more casual and sporty look? Then the next style might be something for you.
Combine your body with a white sneaker, high waist jeans and opt for an oversized cardigan or jacket. Complete this outfit with matching jewelry and a large easy bag that fits everything.

Style tip 3

For a somewhat more business look the body can be combined well with your favorite trousers with matching blazer. A neat pump or loafer shoe fits well with this style. Minimalistic jewelry and a leather bag complete this outfit.

Tip: A tight top, in this case a body can also be combined with somewhat wider items such as flared trousers and/or an oversized blazer.

Style tip 4

Date time! Always difficult what you have to wear.

We have the perfect combination for you. Choose a lace body and combine this with your favorite jeans. Wear a colored blazer over your body and choose a matching handbag. A black pump fits well with this outfit, but a boot with heel is also possible.

Elegant, stylish and a little sexy. Completely ready for that handsome date!