The lingerie colors & trends of this season!


The weather is getting colder again, the leaves are falling from the trees and the thick sweaters are coming out of the cupboard again.
Autumn has started again and before you know it, winter is coming!
A new season also means new trends and colors. What are the trends and colors for this fall & Winter of 2019-2020?
To dress you on your best and to be well prepared, here’s a nice overview for you!


This season there are different colors that set the trend.
ou will see some present colors that are alternated by some calm and warm tones.


The orange color is very popular within fashion and you see it more and more in the lingerie.
This color is characterized with autumn, spices and pumpkins.
It is a color that stands for energy, warmth, balance with an exotic touch.

This deep orange Rust color is combined in the Safari series with embroidery in orange and brown tones.


Blue is the new black!

From midnight blue to light blue colors, everything is possible this season.
Blue stands for harmony, loyalty, trust and calmness.

The Forest series has a Petrol blue color that is several items of this series is finished with embroidery and lace and a matching color.


A somewhat quieter color this season is grey, this color is characterized as timeless and classic.
This color is often seen as boring and simple, but that is certainly not the case in the Urban series.
This series has a refined grey color and is finished with embroidery on the brans and briefs.
The nightwear of the Urban series has a satin look which gives a luxurious look.


Red tones are and remain a favorite. This warm Barn Red color is characterized as passionate, dynamic & assertive.
It gives a warm and romantic look and is also suitable for wearing under white clothing.
These Daily bra and hipster are available in different colors.


In addition to these great colors, there are some other trends that you will see a lot this season.


Lace and lingerie, 2 things that fit together perfectly.
If it is not in bras of briefs, this will be reflected in bodies or chemises.
Lace is and remains a true classic, so also this year, there will be a lot of lace in our collections.

The preformed triangle bra from Nightlife consists of lace in a black color and is semi-transparent.


Yes, Yes the Animal print is back!
From a tough armor print to a stylish snake print, the Animal print is and remains a true classic!
You have seen this a lot in fashion, but this year you will see him again and again in lingerie and nightwear.

This great print is available in the Magic PS+ collection.


Shine and glitter is something that comes back a lot this season, especially a silver color.
In this body of the Shimmer series a silver yarn is woven for a glitter effect.
This effect can be seen all over the body and gives a luxurious and feminine appearance.


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