The Tangerine range is very feminine and happy. This range will fit perfectly in your summer wardrobe.

The uni-fit T-Shirt bras are a true bestseller in the LingaDore collections for many seasons now. These bras have a special mould cups with some elasticity in the upper cup. This enables the cups to fit perfectly to your breasts. The bottom cup does not have this elasticity, which prevents the breasts from hanging down in the cups and which makes sure your breasts get the support they need. Also the elastic shoulder straps are very comfortable and do not cut in to your shoulders.

The cups of this uni-fit bra are smooth. The side parts have beautiful gradient coloured embroidery. From soft pink to purple. Between the cups there is a playful bow placed as an accessory.

Like the name already reveals, this bra is a uni-fit, which means suitable for every type of breasts.