How to find the right lingerie?

Shopping for new lingerie is fun and there is so much choice. This means you have to make a lot of decisions . We’ve put together a little guide of things you should consider when buying lingerie.

Does it fit your personality?

We all have something in our closet that we never wore. At the time it was a great idea to try something new, but in the end you never wore it because it wasn’t you…
I’m not trying to tell you to never try something new, on the contrary. Try new stuff, different colors, smooth or with lace, string or hipster, but always make sure it fits your personality. If it’s too different from what you normally wear, it’s unlikely that you’re going to wear it. You know best what fits you!


Colorful or neutral colors? Dark or light? It’s fun to vary in colors for different outfits and occasions. Some outfits however need some extra attention, especially white or translucent clothes. Not everyone needs to know what you’re wearing.. Your first thought might be white underwear. This isn’t always the best solution, because it’s still visible… A better choice might be to choose a color that’s close to your skin tone. For example the Blush of the LingaDore Daily collection. Due to the small difference in contrast between the bra and skin tone

Get the right size

What if you’re having trouble with getting the right size bra. A lot of women deal with this problem and are wearing the wrong size bra. If our measuring video didn’t help, you can always ask the experts. In lingerie stores they are happy to help you find the right size. It might feel a little awkward, but once you wear the right size bras it’s worth it. Use our store locator to find a store near you!