Bridal lingerie: the do's and don'ts

You are the center of attention on this beautiful day! Hopefully you are completely happy with your wedding dress. But don’t  forget what you’re wearing underneath.

Our special white bridal lingerie will make your wedding dress stand out even more. You want to prevent the lines of your briefs or the straps of your bra from being visible. Therefore, adjust your bridal lingerie to your wedding dress. Take a good look at the model of your dress and decide which lingerie suits best.
LingaDore has an extensive bridal lingerie collection almost every season. Beautiful white colored styles finished with delicate and trendy lace, for all brides to be! And of course also for the non-brides.

Gel bra

Do you have a dress with a closed, square or u-neck? Then you can basically wear any bra! Go for a beautiful lace gel bra with a subtle push for a confident feeling.

Our gel bra is suitable for smaller breasts, but also for firm breasts with a larger cup size. But this gel bra is also the perfect choice for breasts that are a bit further apart!

The gel bra provides a natural push-up effect. The liquid gel pads that are securely embedded in the cups provide the push exactly where it is most needed for you. This is because the gel can move in the pad and thus adapt perfectly to your breast. In this way a beautiful cleavage is created.

Subtly padded bra

This padded bra is suitable for smaller breasts, but also for firm breasts with a larger cup size. This padded bra is also a perfect choice for breasts that are a little further apart. The cups are partially covered with lace and the shoulder straps are adjustable.

Strapless Balconette bra

Does your dress have a sweetheart neckline and bare shoulders? Then go for a strapless bra, so that you don’t see any shoulder straps.

This balconet bra has a great fit. The balconet bra is suitable for both small and large breasts. But this bra is also a perfect choice for uneven breasts and breasts with less volume at the top! The higher center front piece ensures that your breast stays in the right place. A very big plus of this balconet bra is that it can be worn strapless as well.

Slip with a smooth back

The brief is made of micro, which is super comfortable. The front is partially finished with beautiful lace. The crotch of the brief is lined. Perfect to wear under a form-fitting wedding dress.

Briefs with lace back

Do you have an A-line wedding dress? Then a string is not recommended and it is better to go for a brief. You may find a string more comfortable, but consider what can happen to the wide wedding dress or skirt as soon as you are taken over the shoulders by that one crazy brother-in-law, friend or uncle: before you know it, you will go bare-ass!

The front of the brief consists of both lace and micro, which is super comfortable. The back consists entirely of lace. The crotch of the brief is lined. Because the slip consists of lace at the back, you will not be bothered by seams.

String for invisible seams

Do you have a figure-hugging dress? Then a string might be the best option. The string consists of lace in combination with micro on the front. The back consists entirely of lace. The crotch of the string is lined. A string is always the perfect solution for tight clothing. Especially since the back of the string is made of lace, you will not suffer from visible seams. This way you can get through your wedding day completely at ease. And that’s what you want, right?


A corset is also always very popular. This corset is made in a beautiful combination of lace and mesh. The corset has preformed cups and adjustable shoulder straps. A corset accentuates your bosom. You can get rid of any unwanted curves, so that your figure comes out optimally.


Are you looking for an alternative to the standard bathrobe while preparing for your big day? How about a beautiful LingaDore kimono! Ideal when your hair and bridal make-up are being done.


A beautiful full lace body. Not necessarily for your wedding day, but maybe for your bachelor party. Combined with a skirt and you are good to go!


Does your wedding dress have a very low V-neck or even an open back? Then it is actually not an option to wear a bra. Then go for accessories such as fashion tape. This is guaranteed to stay in place all day long and it also feels very comfortable.

Lingerie for the wedding night

Do not forget the wedding night! We have also thought of this. From a satin dress, a lace babydoll or exciting suspenders.
Choose the outfit that you feel most comfortable with.

Semi-transparent dress

Go for a sexy semi-transparent dress. The chemise is made entirely of mesh in a dot print. This will certainly make your future husband’s head run wild.

Satin dress

Do you think a transparent dress is a bit too much? Then we also have a dress made of a satin-like fabric. The shoulder straps are adjustable. The top and bottom of the dress is finished with mesh with a dot print and lace. Enter your wedding night fashionable and sexy!


Have you found your perfect wedding dress? And are you now looking for that extra something to complete your look? Then go for beautiful suspenders. Suspenders make many lingerie sets really complete and make your beautiful outfit even more special! In the past, a suspender was necessary to keep stockings in place. Today it is more of a sexy must-have. Suspenders are also often used by brides to create a sexy look on the wedding night.


Lingerie for your wedding night is all about the sexiness! Babydolls are especially popular as wedding night lingerie. This is a short, transparent dress, finished with lace and / or bows. Wedding night lingerie is often bought in the traditional colors such as (off) white and ivory, but there are actually no rules. Choose the color that makes you feel most sexy!

Dear, beautiful brides, we wish you the best of luck and we hope you have a wonderful wedding day!

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