For many women, shopping for new lingerie is not the most fun activity. And especially new bras. Favourite bras are frequently worn until they almost fall apart. Lingerie experts indicate that the bras will last an average of eight months. And that’s only if the bras are also well cared for. After these eight months bras often stretched so much that they no longer provide the required support to the breasts. The more bras, how often you swop them, the longer your bras will last. This is obviously a bigger investment, but will you extend the life of your bra.

But how can you enjoy your favorite bra for as long as possible? In this blog we give you some tips to prolong the life of your bra.

Wash Lingerie

Many women think that the life of a bra is extended by washing the bra as little as possible. But nothing is less true because you should not wear a bra longer than two days in a row without washing. Why? Shoulder straps will go looser, and the back perimeter widens. The elastic fibers draw under the influence of body heat, sweating and skin flakes. It is better to wash bras regularly, so that it can restore the elasticity of the fibers. Your lingerie will last longer. Wearing your favorite bra once and then store it for a week, is also not good, because the sweat will work longer in the material. And sweat is very corrosive.

Washing machine or hand wash

Generally it is better to hand wash your lingerie. But you need to be careful that the water is not too hot, you do not use too much detergent and if you use the right detergent, do not soak your lingerie too long and you must be careful not to wring out the bra too hard.The delicate cycle on your washing machine can be the solution for non padded bras. Do not use detergent too much and always use a washing bag.Do not put padded bras in the washing machine because of the cups, because the drum can tend to cause bumps and dents in the cups. Make sure you do not let the bra dwell too long in the water, because the colors in multi-colored bras then walk out. Then rinse, gently squeeze out the water and let dry on a towel. This will extend the life of your bra. If you opt for hand washing. Then be careful. Wring your bra carefully so that the elastic fibers are not damaged, you prevent wrinkles and the wires are not deformed.


After washing, here comes the drying part. If you want to enjoy your bras for at least eight months, you should not put your bras in the dryer. Lingerie can not stand these high temperatures. The colors fade faster, the elasticity is lost more quickly and the material pills. We therefore recommend that you dry your lingerie naturally. Preferably lying on a drying rack and not hanging. Because if your bra is still too wet, the material will stretch even more by the seepage of moisture. It is also not recommended to dry your bras on the heater or in the sun.

Do you have learned many new things? Or was this all a piece of cake for you? As you may have read, there are many things that contribute to the lifetime of your favorite bra. Below are the key points listed once again.


  • Wash your white and dark lingerie together.
  • Using products which should make your laundry whiter.
  • Too much wash in your washing machine.
  • Wear your lingerie more than two days.
  • Store your worn lingerie or leaving it in your laundry basket for too long.
  • Soak your lingerie too long.


  • Wash your lingerie with the most delicate washing programme.
  • Wash your lingerie not hotter then 30°C.
  • Close the back of your bra.
  • Use a washing bag.
  • Put white by white, and dark by dark.
  • Use little detergent.
  • Wear your bras maximal two days in a row.

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