Autumn is in the air

//Autumn is in the air

Autumn is in the air

The LingaDore AW17 collection consists of six adventurous, pure ranges. Bold, adventurous, feminine, relaxed, happy with a sexy touch are characteristics that describe this new LingaDore collection best. The colors blue gray, rust and silvergrey match this feeling perfectly.

Willow, in this blue grey range a new material is used, stretch chiffon dobby. This material feels soft on the skin and because of the elasticity the comfort is very pleasant. The matte appearance with the dobby fabric and embroidery trim makes this range feminine, but also bold. This range consists of a gel bra, balconet bra, brief and a string. In addition to lingerie, this range also includes two Nightwear styles, a baby doll and a spaghetti top.

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Universe, this rust colored range includes a new style bra, the triangle balconette bra. The combination of a trendy triangle bra with transparent lace bra gives a sexy outcome, while the balconet mold cup and wires gives this bra a perfect fit. This bra is also available for the larger cupsizes (70-85 / 80/75 ABCDE / F / G). This warm Autumn range includes our best seller, the uni-fit bra (70-90 / 85/80 BCDE / AF / G), the balconet triangle bra, a brief with lace back, a string and a French knicker. In addition to lingerie, you can also find matching Nightwear in this range, such as a chemise.

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LingaDore - Universe

Evolution, is a red-colored range with feminine details. All styles are made of a soft, comfortable micro fabric, which makes this range very comfortable to wear. The range consists of a gel bra, our best seller: the uni-fit t-shirt bra (70-90 / 85/80 BCDE / AF / G), a brief and a string.

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LingaDore - Earth

Earth, this range in a natural brown complexion (Expresso) has styles with exquisite embroidery, combined with a lacquer-leather look. These characteristics give the range an adventurous and tough look. This extensive range consists of a gel bra, our best seller: the uni-fit t-shirt bra (70-90 / 85/80 BCDE / AF / G), a brief, hipster and a string. Besides lingerie, there are also a number of Nightwear styles in this range, so you can create a complete LingaDore look. The Nightwear styles in this range are a chemise with lace back, a kimono and a long dress with lace back.

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Oxygen, is a feminine, pure range in silvergrey. All styles are beautifully detailed with grey / coppercolored embroidery, so this range can also be combined with the Universe range. The Oxygen range consists of a gel bra, our best seller: the uni-fit t-shirt bra (70-90 / 85/80 BCDE / AF / G), a brief, hipster and a string.

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LingaDore - Oxygen
LingaDore - Forest

Forest, this range also fits perfectly in the Autumn palette because of the warm brown color. The cup of the uni-fit bras in this range is very special because the embroidery in matching colors. The embroidery has a gradient ranging from copper to dark brown. The finish of the cup edges makes this bra is also suitable for uneven breasts. All briefs in this range have this beautiful embroidery. This range consists of a uni-fit t-shirt bra (70-90 / 85/80 BCDE / AF / G), the uni-fit balconet bra, a brief, Brazilian shorty and a string.

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What is your favorite LingaDore Lingerie range?


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