Accentuate your shape with shapewear

Remember that moment in Bridget Jones when Renee Zellweger had to choose between a scary, big granny pants and a sexy black sexy brief? The scary underwear helped Bridget to bag up Daniel Cleaver, and she looked stunning in that golden dress.

Do you have a party or special event planned? And do you want to do something extra to look and feel at your best? It can’t do any harm to be helped by wearing shapewear. The right shapewear accentuates your shapes and creates a beautiful silhouette.

Are you loving high waisted pants? Or are your pants just too tight? Shapewear with a high waist conceals any existing love handles and make sure your small belly disappears immediately.

Feel slimmer and more confident with a shapewear top under your clothes. Shapewear tops give your body a smooth shape and make you look slimmer. Shapewear tops dress off your belly and back, and are also invisible under a tight shirt.


  • Buy shapewear in your own size. With shapewear you want to make your figure more beautiful. You may be tempted to purchase a smaller size. But don’t do this. Just pick your own size. This is much more comfortable and it looks even more beautiful.
  • Determine which part of your body you want to shape. This can be your breasts, buttocks, legs or belly. If you know this, you can choose the right shapewear.
  • Shapewear doesn’t have to be boring. Nowadays there are enough shapewear styles with nice colors and beautiful lace.
  • Try before you buy! Are you looking for a shapewear under a particular dress? Then try different shapewear styles and choose the one that gives you the most beautiful result.