4 must-haves to wear your favorite summer top

Strapless wing bh

4 must-haves to wear your favorite summer top

4 must-haves to wear your favorite summer top

Have you bought a new strapless top? And you can’t put it on because you don’t have the right bra? We’ve all been there! In this blog you will read about 4 different accessories that will save your life.
Strapless wing bh

1. Strapless Wing Bra

The Strapless Wing Bra is perfect for that new strapless top you bought! And yes, with this bra you can finally wear your new top! You won’t see any straps with this bra. Another profit: No closure at the back! So also perfect for an open back top!

2. Silicone Bra Cups

Do you like to wear an open back top, but at the same time you’d like to wear something that gives a fuller cup? Then the Silicone Bra Cups are perfect for you! Like the Strapless Wing Bra, this accessory does not have a closure at the back. Extra: This bra has a front closure and a higher top. This provides a lift and beautiful full cups.
Silicone bra cups
Invinsible lift bra

3. Invisible Lift Bra

Everyone has a top or dress with a deep V-neck in their closet. And this Invisible Lift Bra is perfect for tops or dresses with V-neck! Why? There is no front closure, so no bra is visible. In addition, this bra lifts the breasts in a natural way and serves as a nipple cover. A real must-have if you ask us!

4. Body Tape 5cm/5m

To make you feel completely confident in your new top, you can also use the elastic boob tape. It is designed to lift or cover the breasts. You can use the boob tape in the way that suits your breasts best. Perfect for under any top or dress!
Except for the Body Tape, all accessories can be reused. Make sure that after use, you replace the plastic. This way the accesories remain dust-free. Dust can cause the bra to stick less next time wearing it.Have you become curious or is your perfect accessory not yet included? There are even more LingaDore accessories!


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